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Who hasn't heard the old saying that when in Rome do as the Romans do. This is also relevant to searching for a DJ to entertain your guests at your wedding. But our saying might go something like this. When seeking a wedding DJ, you must speak the DJs language. Every vocation has its own language and the DJ business is no different. But we can't stress enough how you should take this search very seriously because a DJ can set the tone for everything that happens at your reception. Remember that this person is not only going to play music, but they will be interacting with your guests, they will emcee your big and small events, and they will create a mood that can be great or lousy. The best way to go about finding a DJ in the New Jersey area is for you is to set aside time to interview any potential professionals you feel are worth your effort. To know if they are a good fit, you will need to pick their brain and depending on what you find out, you will be able to determine if they are “the one.” So listen carefully to each prospective DJ as they respond to the questions we have provided below.

It is very important to find out why a potential candidate became a wedding DJ in the first place. This question has more to do with passion than anything and we feel that is important in a vendor that you are going to have working your wedding. There are many DJs that are in the business because they saw a way to make some money. This is not what you want for your wedding, get someone that loves to do what they are doing. Related to this, ask if they do this full-time. This also show a certain level of commitment. Are weddings their primary focus? Basically, get someone who has been doing weddings for some time and who has been very successful at it.

Talk about the play list. Hey, there is no secret here, you want to hear what you want to hear. If they tell you that they have set playlists and will not alter them much, then you will know that is not the wedding DJ for you. Also, make sure that they understand what you absolutely do not want to hear. They should be flexible on this. Style is another area to discuss. Have them describe how they operate at a wedding. What do they do to get the crowd involved? They should have some weddings they have performed at on video. Take a look, it shouldn't take long to determine if you this is someone who shares your operating style. Will they take requests from your guests? This isn't a deal breaker but it is a great question to ask.

Listen to some samples of their mixing. They should have professional equipment that allows this. Silence between songs is not good. Do they seem knowledgeable about their equipment and how it operates? Will they keep the sound level at a place where guests can still talk at their tables? Have they played at your wedding reception venue before? Will they make a site visit with you should they be hired? This should be standard, if they balk at it, move on to the next candidate. Do they offer other services?

All of these questions are important so you can not only get to know each candidate but also so you can get a feel for what they can do for you and if it will be done well. Finish with this question: why should I hire you to be my wedding DJ? This is their chance to really make their case. Now that you are informed, choose well.

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