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Wedding Event Rentals in New Jersey

So, what kind of items are you going to need for your wedding day. Maybe we would be better off wording it this way, what kind of items are you not going to need for your wedding. It doesn't always work out this way because sometimes your vendors will supply many items, but if they don't, you might need to go out and find things like tables, linens, chairs, arches, silk plants, a sound system and much more. And that means heading out to find an event rental company. And believe us when we tell you that they are not all made alike. And the major difference that you will want to be very aware of and pay attention to is the difference in the quality of the items. So, your first task is to start making a list of the items that you will need to rent. Then, you will need to start searching throughout the New Jersey area for a quality rental company. We want to help you with your search so read our brief guide below very carefully be ready to ask some questions and gather information from each candidate that you interview.

So, what is a good place to begin in your search. You need to find some vendors that you would want to check out. We recommend starting with a Google search for “rental companies in the New Jersey area.” You will find many results popping up but you will need to spend your time painstakingly going through each one and determining which ones are of a high quality or at least of a quality to check out further. An even better source is your family, friends and coworkers. Find out if any of them has used an event rental company in the past couple of years for any event. If they have, find out what the quality of the items they rented was like. If they were happy with the quality, find out the name of the company and add them to your list. Another source you could possibly check are your wedding vendors that are already in the fold. They are well connected and should have some company names they can share with you. Now is the time to setup some visits to the companies on your list and to not only take a tour, but also ask them some questions about how renting from them would work. There are some definite questions that you need to ask. Have your guest count ready and information on and pictures of your reception venue. Show them the list of rental items that you think you need. Then ask them if they have any suggestions that you have not thought of. Since they are in the business and do this all of the time, this is a great resource to ask. On thing you most definitely want to do is take a look at their warehouse and evaluate the quality of their rental items. What is going to be your cost per item.. Ask them if they offer any package deals. There are ways in which you can save for sure. Hold your wedding during an off time. Rental items will not be in as much demand at that time and will therefore be much cheaper. How much will delivery, set-up and tear-down be or are they rolled into a bottom line price?

Ask them about tents if you know you will need them. Do they own their rental items? You may find a huge difference in quality when the company owns the items that they are renting. Talk for a long time about glassware. Some people try to save on glassware by asking people to tape their name to the first glass that they receive so they will use it throughout your reception. Others just bite the bullet in terms of letting each guest have the use of three or four glasses.

And, of course, the inevitable is bound to happen. What happens if your guests damage any of the rental items. The same goes for items turning up missing? Who will be your contact on your wedding day? This is a must, you need to plan on something possibly going wrong. When you are finished with all of your interviews, you should be more than ready to decide which rental company you are going to use based on all of the great information you have received.