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Wedding Hair Stylists in New Jersey

Let's face it, you have found professionals for everything else, you must make it a priority to find one for your own needs. This would include the bridal gown of your dreams, your special glowing tan, your very own makeup artist and a hair stylist to make sure that your locks look their absolute best on your big day. Sure, you could try and do your own hair, but why take the chance on the biggest day of your life and why not ask for something very special that you would not normally ask for. The earlier you start looking for a professional hair stylist, the better because the really good ones get booked up very quickly. You need to treat this search throughout the New Jersey area just like a job interview. It is truly that important. There are a number of things that you will want to ask the candidates that you interview. Below, we have included the essential questions to ask as well as some tips on what to look for in this all important search.

You are probably wondering where in the world are the best sources for you to investigate in order to find candidates that might have potential to be your hair stylist. We always recommend that you start with people you know. So, with that in mind, a great place to start is checking with your family, friends and coworkers. Hopefully, one or two or more of the people that you talk to will have a recommendation based on their own experience. Your wedding vendors are another excellent source of information. They should be tapped into the wedding industry as a whole and that means knowing all kind of vendors that provide wedding related services including hair services. Another potential source is online. Before you start interviewing, do a Google search for “professional hair stylists in the New Jersey area.” These three sources should provide you with enough candidates. You next step is to find out which of your candidates have your wedding date open on their calendar. Once you know this, setup a date and time to talk about what they might be able to do for you at your wedding.

Bring up your budget right off the bat. Ask them if their services fit within your budget. Ask to look at their portfolio. Are you happy with the designs that you see they are capable of? Talk about what you were thinking about and show pictures if you have them. Talk about their experience and what was the impetus that caused them to get into the hair stylist business. Is this a passion for them or just a way to make money? Will they replicate a style exactly as it is portrayed in an image? Also, pay close attention to their personality. Finding someone that you will really get along with well is essential because you want things to go smooth and you want a calming influence as you are about to walk out on the biggest stage of your life. Ask each candidate if they have any suggestions based on the type of hair that you have. Will your hair even allow what you want done to it? Are they genuinely interested in making you look your absolute best for your wedding. We urge you to have an open mind throughout your interviews. Find out how everything will be accomplished on your big day, have them walk you thorough everything.

We know you already talked about their fees, but revisit that now and make sure you understand what the bottom line price will be based on what you are looking for. How do they feel about doing a trial before you wedding day. This could really help you in seeing if all will be exactly as you would like. If you decide to go forward with a trial, then you will really be able to determine which candidate is the best for you.

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