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Wedding Invitations in New Jersey

Creativity is a beautiful thing and brings a lot to life in general. But when applied to your wedding, it can take on a whole new meaning. We realize that you may be one of those people who feel that you can take your creative streak and run with it. And under normal circumstances, that would be fine and nobody would get hurt. But if you are thinking of trying to attempt a do it yourself wedding invitation, we strongly urge you to think again. Keep in mind that as good as you think you are at designing, this is the most important day of your life that we are talking about and we know that you want to send out the most beautiful and well designed invitation that you could possibly send. And the only way to ensure that this will happen is to hire a professional graphic designer. Believe us, peace of mind is the way to go. In order to hire the perfect designer for you though, you will need to do your homework and start searching for candidates throughout the New Jersey area..This means finding more than one great candidate and interviewing each one about what they might be able to possibly do for you. Here are some questions you should ask each candidate and some tips on how to make your final decision.

There are a few different ways that you can acquire some potential candidates. Try checking with your other wedding vendors if you have hired any. They should have a candidate or two for you to check out. Also, ask your friends and family about any invitation designs that they have received or had done that were exceptional and find out who the creator was. The world wide web is another potential source so do some searching there as well. Once you have a nice list of three to five designers, call each one up and find out when they can meet to discuss your invitation needs. One of your first topics should be the budget that you have set for your invitations and how their fees possibly fit into that budget. Do they have any suggestions on how to save on printing costs or the overall design. Do they outsource their printing? The reason to ask this question is because this is usually much cheaper than if they do the printing in-house. On the other hand, in-house printing will give a quicker turn around time. Have a discussion about custom designs versus template designs. Custom is going to cost you more but if you can afford it, you will have something that no one has ever seen before and an invitation that is personalized to you.

What options do you have in terms of paper, colors, fonts, and ink. Can they help you with your other print needs like place cards, programs, menus, and table numbers? What are your options in terms of pictures or graphics? How does the process work? Will you have a chance to sit down and have great input? Pick the designer's brain and get their suggestions as well. What kind of packages do they offer? What if you order all of your printing needs from them, will you be able to realize a big savings? One of the huge benefits of doing this is you will be assured of a consistent look.

Talk about how long it will take to receive your print order. How much extra would a rush order be? Do they offer assembling services? How much would that cost you? Does the designer work with any calligraphers that could hand write your invitations and envelopes? How many proofs will you be able to look at? Once you have had a chance to sit back and evaluate all of your candidates, it should become clear which one fits you best.

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